Diverse Auto Electrics Australia is a Dräger authorised installer for alcohol interlocks.


The advantage of Dräger’s Interlock 7000 includes:

  • High measurement accuracy
  • Immediate start-up time and rapid test results
  • Excellent performance even under extreme weather conditions (-40 to 85°C)
  • Not easily recognised as an alcohol interlock with a modern design
  • Easy to use: Easy and intuitive navigation with a full text colour display
  • Blow and suck breath sample technique (anti-circumvention feature)
  • Differentiation between breath and mouth alcohol, hence avoiding false positive readings
  • Audible and visual signalling with tricolour LED
  • The infrared camera technology ensures good image quality, regardless of whether it is day or night
  • External LED for the hearing impaired and motorcycles
  • Easy installation in any type of vehicle



If you require an alcohol interlock installed in your vehicle due to a drink driving offence or for private use, please contact us to make an appointment on 03 5952 2332 .